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What is a Tax ID number?

In Hungary, all the taxable persons have to acquire a Tax Identification Number (TIN), which can be found on the TIN card. This number cannot be found on your official identification documents. It can be found on the payment documents indicated by the paying agent. Hungarian people manage their taxes with the help of this number.

There are people who would like to deal with business activities in Hungary, which needs entrepreneurial tax or VAT payment liability. The TIN is also required by them. They have to be registered with the state tax authority to obtain a tax number. The TIN in Hungary is called “adószám”.

Structure of a Hungarian tax number

The Hungarian tax number consists of 11 digits which can be divided into 3 parts, as; xxxxxxxx-y-zz.

  1. Part: The xxxxxxxx, is the so-called prime code. This is the identification number which consists of 8 digits.
  2. Part: The y, is the VAT code.
  3. Part: The zz, is the regional code. Depending on where the taxpayer is located, it identifies the tax authority. The code 51 indicates foreign taxpayers.

The VAT code has 4 types:

  • 1=Taxpayers who are exempt of the VAT
  • 2=Taxpayers to whom the general VAT rules apply
  • 3=Taxpayers to whom the special Hungarian taxation status applies. This is called the Simplified Entrepreneurial Tax (EVA in Hungarian)
  • 4 and 5= Taxpayers who joined to a VAT group

How to obtain a tax number in Hungary?

Obtaining a tax ID number in Hungary is not hard. An application form has to be filled and submitted to the NAV, which is the National Tax and Customs Office in Hungary. The tax ID number is generated by them and based on the application the taxpayer will also be registered.

As it is said by the law, the taxable business has to do the registration before they start the work. The registration date indicates when the VAT can be deducted. 

If the business has started its activities before the registration, the business has to provide the date of the start at the registration. Under these circumstances, the start of the business activities will set the validity date of the tax ID number, so the authorities can deduct the VAT from that date.

Required documents

The obtaining process of a tax ID number is different for Hungarian and non-Hungarian citizens in some ways. 

For non-Hungarian citizens the required documents for the registration includes; passport, address card and residence permit. In the case of not having an address card a form has to be filled and your application will be dependent on a special department of the National Tax and Customs Administration.

EU tax number

The EU VAT number can be acquired by any company for the application of business regulations and intra-community trade. It usually takes some days to receive it and it is possible to apply for it at the incorporation or later. 

The EU VAT number of Hungary is HUxxxxxxxx. HU stands for Hungary and the xxxxxxxx means the company’s tax numbers’ first 8 digits. The company has to have this number before VAT-free invoices issued to another country in the European Union. However, the number is generated automatically. Thanks to the VIES system, the VAT number can be checked.

Tax Number Service Fee: 100 Euro

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