You plan it, we enhance it: within 48 hours it’s done!

Company registration in Hungary has a fluently and safely functioning, long established system, designed to be both legally solid and fitting, flexible and fast. Our professional assistance guided thousands of satisfied clients through this gateway over the last thirteen years, since the very beginning of the current legislation came into effect.

Formally, your Hungarian business begins with the signature of the incorporation documents – from which point, the process of registration can be completed within two working days.

What we do to get you there:

- see if your proposed corporate name fits in the register

- design the most advantageous company structure

- discuss, search, draft, check, double-check, scan, file, translate, and most importantly: DELIVER

We are always keen on meeting you personally, but if that is not convenient to you, there are other options to make the first steps, by giving for the procedure to one of our senior associates to sign on your behalf all necessary incorporation documents:

- you can sign a power of attorney at a Hungarian embassy, in front of a consul (opció: a külképviseleteket felsoroló oldal belinkelve: )

- or make the same step at a local notary. Notarial authentication of your signature may require Apostille*  *except from the following countries: (Albania, Algeria, Austria, Republic of Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Greece, Croatia, Iraq, Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), Cuba, Poland, Macedonia, Moldova , Mongolia, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Syria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Vietnam).

In these cases, the power of attorney and a few other statements will serve as your replacement for the incorporation.

Ready made shelf companies

Take the shares of an existing limited liability company with valid eu VAT number, existing bank account and registered address. By taking the shares you will have the power over the company immediately from the time of signing the documents, and you can enjoy the benefits of a company with many years past.

Our law firm's experts can give you high quality individual advice on all aspects of the incorporation process, and represent you or your company in the whole procedure. Our long standing expertise will guarantee fast, client centered approach and great value for money. 


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