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Take an existing Limited-Liability Company with a valid EU VAT number that already has an existing bank account and a registered address. With this option, you will have the power over the company immediately from the time of signing the documents, and you can enjoy the benefits of an already established company with many benefits. 

Transaction Fee: 1450 Euro
Transaction Time: 4-5 days 

Our law firm's experts can give you high-quality individual advice on all aspects of the incorporation process, and represent you or your company throughout the whole procedure. Our long-standing expertise will guarantee a fast, client centered approach and great value for your money.

What are the benefits of an already established Company with an EU VAT number?

There are lots of benefits to having an already established company. Let see some of them:

Security: The security of an already established company is in the fact that you can use it as a solid foundation upon which to build a stable business. It will also help you establish a long-term relationship with your suppliers, as they know that you have a track record and are likely to be trustworthy. 

Tax advantages: When you incorporate a company in Hungary, you automatically receive a VAT number. 

Legal advantages: There are advantages to incorporating a company that already has a registered office and an existing VAT number. One of the major advantages is that you will not have to create an entirely new legal entity. The company that you are founding will already have a legal existence, and therefore will save yourself some time and effort.

Protection:  When you incorporate your company, you provide yourself and your employees with legal protection.

How to register a ready-made company in Hungary?

It is very easy to register a new company in Hungary, but it is much easier to register a company that already exists. Budapest Consulting can assist you in this process. We will register your company, and you can start its activities immediately.

To use a ready-made company, you just have to apply to the Commercial Register and pay a fee. You must also send a copy of the articles of association to the Commercial Register. After that, the Commercial Register will issue a copy of the company’s register, which you can use to conduct your business. 

Ready-made companies are easy to apply for, but it can be difficult to get the permit to use a ready-made company. In some cases, the authorities may deny your application because you are not a genuine owner of the company.

Pros and cons of incorporating a company

Concluding, the incorporation process is a highly sensitive process, therefore, it is advisable to consider all the advantages that can be provided to your business.

We can help you through the whole process and make sure that your company becomes a reality. 


  • You can enjoy the tax and legal benefits of incorporation. 
  • You can establish a solid legal entity. 
  • You can enjoy protection from legal action 
  • You can enjoy an unlimited number of shareholders. 
  • You can choose the name of the company. 
  • You can choose the address of the company. 
  • You can choose the type of the company. 
  • You can choose the number of shares. 


  • You have to wait for the incorporation of the company. The company has to be established. You have to pay the taxes every year. 
  • You have to wait for the acceptance letter of the new company.

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