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Social Security Administration in Hungary

You establish your company in Hungary, you have opened your client gate, have your tax ID number, even hired your accountant. But what is next? 

Health care and its services in Hungary are covered by social security. The service that you, as a foreigner will have to be qualified for. But how do you qualify?

Budapest Consulting has your back!

Social Security Number Fee: 300 Euro 

You must be registered in the Social Security System if you are:

  • an employee at a Hungarian company - your employer will deduct it from your gross salary and send it to the Tax Authority
  • you are self-employed
  • you are an owner and managing director (at the same time) 

You need a social security number from National Health Insurance, which will be displayed on your social security card that will be reported to the Authorities. Social Security contribution then has to be paid monthly to the Tax Authorities.