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Get a Residence Permit and Visa to Hungary

Residence permit for continuing employment can be obtained for those,whose residency aims to

  • perform actual work for another person, or under the direction of another person for a compensation based on legally defined employment relationship;
  • perform work individually, according to legal regulations, for a compensation;
  • perform activities as the owner, leading office holder or member of a managing, representative or supervisory body of a business association, cooperative, or other legal person created for profit making;

 One can be employed, if

  • he/she has a seasonal work visa, or,
  • he/she has a residence permit for humanitarian purposes,

or if they have a residence permit for

  • employment,
  • family uniting,
  • studying, or
  • he/she has an EU Blue Card.

Foreigners need to have a work permit for employment in Hungary.
For third country nationals the process of giving permission to work is regulated by the decree of 16/2010 (V. 13.) of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour.

How can an employment--as a residence purpose--be certified?
- With a document proving the employment type legal status, or work permit in cases defined  in legal regulations.;

- temporary work booklet;

- business plan for business activity;

- individual business card / or individual business registration number;

- agricultural permit for primary producers;

- agency contract, business contract or user contract signed by a private individual;

- other credible evidence;

- a deed of founding of a business association, cooperative, or other legal person created for profit making, and the document proving its registration in the trade registry, furthermore it must be proved

    • the business association, cooperative or other legal person created for profit making (for this paragraph hereafter referred to as: business association) has legally employed full time for at least six months, continuously, without a stop, at least three Hungarian citizens or persons having rights of free movement and residence, or
    • the Hungarian stay of the foreign applicant is indispensable for the business association, the applicant is able to make a living, and it is probable based on the business plan attached to the application that the business association will have enough income to provide for the livelihood of the applicant. The data of the business plan must be authentically justified, preferably attaching contract(s) of business or services, agreements, contracts of sales or acquisition.

How can one prove the existence of the financial conditions necessary to make a living in Hungary?

A foreigner staying for employment in Hungary can prove his livelihood by a legal income, preferably by:
- a tax clearance issued by the tax office for the previous year (National Tax and Customs Administration); 
- a document issued by the employer; 
- other documents.

How to prove the existence of accommodation in Hungary?

Only property registered as a residential house/apartment or other habitable dwelling - providing that the habitable space is at least 6 square meters per habitant - or a commercial or other accommodation that is deemed appropriate by law, may be accepted as a Hungarian residence. 

Residence can be certified in particular by:
tenancy agreement/contract;
legal document about house sitting;

proof of ownership of a residential dwelling with a copy of the title deed that is no more than 3 months old;
a property sales contract submitted to the Land Registry Office and the copy of the Administrative Office's decision authorizing the acquisition of a property;
other documents.

It is important to know that if you plan to stay in Hungary for longer than 30 days then you are required to register your accommodation and any consequent changes to it, at the in responsible regional headquarters (sub-office) of the Office of Immigration and Nationality. This notification must be made within 3 days of taking up residence. If you are staying at a commercial accommodation (i.e. hotels, guest-houses, camping sites etc), or other accommodation (e.g. holiday homes, hostel, guest house) or other commercially rented private property, the management or the home owner will take care of registration, you are only required to provide the necessary information.

You will receive an authority endorsed document that you are required to keep and carry on your person as you may be requested by the authorities to produce it for inspection. 

How to prove the existence of an all inclusive health insurance? 

When applying for a residence permit you must provide evidence that at least one of the following conditions are met for the duration of your stay in Hungary:
·      Insured under the Hungarian social insurance law, or
·      Acquired the rights to Hungarian health insurance services by a separate agreement, or 
·      Eligible to services provided under the same conditions as the Hungarian insured and financed by an international treaty or agreement, or

·      Eligible to health care under a separate legislation that apply to persons who are eligible to healthcare not based on a cover provided by Hungarian health insurance, or
·      Entitled to health care, or
·      Eligible to services provided under the same conditions as the Hungarian insured, based on an EC regulation or an international agreement.

How to prove existing provisions to leave the country?

By presenting a valid passport or residence permit issued by a foreign authority can provide evidence that after the expiration of your Hungarianresidence permit you may return to the initial country.
It is considered ensured that you have the financial means for travel if you have a valid ticket or have the necessary finance to purchase one, or if you are in possession of a vehicle.

A residence permit for employment

- may be issued for three years at most, and may be extended with three years at most.
- is valid--in case of an activity requiring work permit--till the expiration of the work permit.

When determining the validity of the residence permit, the validity of the passport is taken into consideration by the authority. The duration of residencestated in the residence permit is determined in the manner that the validity of the passport has to exceed that of the duration of residence with at least 3 months.

At the submission of the application, a photo portrait and - at applicants over 6 years of age - fingerprints will be taken for the issuing of the residencepermit which contains biometric data. The applicant is expected to tolerate this procedure. 

During the process, the immigration authorities may request further documents in order to clarify particulars.

A decision will be made within 21 days after the submission of a residence permit application. 

At the time of application the third country national must submit a statement to the effect that if their application is rejected, they agree to leave the territory of the European Union Member States voluntarily.

The proceeding aliens policing authority may request that you obtain certification for specific data you have given from another authority. This part of the application is in itself a consent you give for the handling of your personal data. If the data necessary are acquired by the proceeding aliens policing authority, the duty or administrative service fees necessary will have to be paid at the aliens policing authority.