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Work Permit Hungary

You wish to work in Hungary?

We will give you the main cornerstones in the maze of this business, called Work Permits!

Special rules and regulations apply in Hungary but we can help you with confidence.

In this field, routine can greatly reduce the administration time.

Work Permit Hungary Work Permit Hungary

We are your partner, if you are:

  • Trainee
  • Employee
  • Entrepreneur
  • Job-Searcher
  • Intra-corporate Transferee

Residence permit for continuing employment can be obtained for those, whose residency aims to

  • perform actual work for another person, or works under the direction of another person for a compensation based legally defined employment relationship;
  • perform work individually, according to legal regulations, for a compensation;
  • perform activities as the owner, leading office holder, a member of a managing representative or is a supervisory body of a business association.

One can be employed, if

  • he/she has a seasonal work visa, or,
  • he/she has a residence permit for humanitarian purposes,

or if they have a residence permit for

  • employment,
  • family uniting,
  • studying, or
  • he/she has an EU Blue Card.

Residence permit for third country nationals:

  • Residence Permit for the Purpose of Traineeship

If you have a training agreement or your higher education, degree can be required.

Validity is maximum six months and it may not be extended, but corresponds to the duration of traineeship.

  • Residence Permit for the Purpose of Job-searching or Entrepreneurship

Gives time to search what type of business you wish to start

Gives time to establish your business legally.

Gives time to find your job after you finish your studies.  

Validity period is maximum 9 months and cannot be extended.

  • Residence Permit for the Purpose of Intra-corporate Transfer and Permit for long-term mobility

It works for you, if you prove that the host entity and the company that is established in a third country belong to the same group of companies.

Minimum validity period is one year, or the duration of the transfer.

The maximum is three years for executive employees and specialists and one year for trainee employees.

  • Residence Permit for the Purpose of Employment

If you work under the direction or supervision of others or you are the owner of a for-profit business association, co-operative society or some other legal entity, this permit is needed.

The validity period of a residence permit granted for the purpose of employment may not exceed the term specified in the specialist authority’s assessment. This however, may be extended up to the time indicated in the specialist authority’s assessment, given if the procedure was re-opened.

May be issued for three years at most, and may be extended with another three years.

Valid--in case of an activity requiring work permit--till the expiration of the work permit.

The critical points to get the residence permit, are the following:

  • Employee status / income
  • Accommodation in Hungary
  • Health insurance

When determining the validity of the residence permit, the validity of the passport is taken into consideration by the authority. The duration of residence stated in the residence permit is determined in the validity of the passport, which has to exceed of the duration of residence with at least 3 months.

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