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Client Gate Assistance in Hungary

What is a Client Gate?

The Client Gate, or as said in Hungarian; Ügyfélkapu, is the electronic identification system by the Government of Hungary. It offers a platform for electronic administration services between Hungarian State Organizations and the residents of the country.

What is the Client Gate used for? What can you do via your Client Gate?

Through the Client Gate you are able to arrange a variety of things with the Hungarian State Organizations. You can message with the authorities, make appointments at the offices of local governments, submit tax reports and take care of your residency, address card, work permit and social security

To make sure it is a safe and secure platform your messages with the authorities arrive directly to your inbox in the Client Gate, not to your private email address.

If you have a company in Hungary you can also access the Company Gate, Cégkapu in Hungarian, via your Client Gate. The Company Gate works quite similarly to the Client Gate, but here you can take care of the things connected to your business. It is used and managed by the companies and related persons.

You can send and receive official messages to and from your company, and your accountants submit their reports to the tax authorities via the Company Gate. Due to these, a Company Gate and a Client gate is inevitable if you have a Hungarian Business.

How can you register at the Client Gate?

The Client Gate of Hungary can be accessed and used by international citizens too, not only for Hungarians. At the local government offices, foreign embassies or consulates you can acquire a user account. 

If you would like to register at the Hungarian Government Office, Kormányablak, click here! After you have finished with the registration process for the Client Gate you have to provide your ID or passport (depending where you are from) and an e-mail address to get notifications. 

You are asked to choose a username, but your password will be created automatically, which you have to change within 5 days from the registration in order to activate your account. If you do not do this they will delete your account.

What documents are required?

Hungarian citizens only need their Hungarian ID card to register. Citizens of EEA countries need their EEA ID card or their passport, and citizens from other countries need their passport. 

Who is eligible to subscribe/register for the Client Gate?

Any natural person can register for the Client Gate who has Hungarian personal data and a registered address in Hungary, or registered at the Hungarian Immigration Authority, or those registered foreign citizens who are applying for electronic administration.

Where and how can you subscribe for the Client Gate?

You can subscribe for the client gate both in person and online. If you would like to subscribe in person you have to go to the service offices of the local government, or key helpdesk offices at the National Tax and Customs Administration, or the Hungarian consular representations or foreign diplomatic, or in some post offices at the helpdesks.

If you prefer to do your registration online you need to have a valid Hungarian ID card which was issued no later than the 1st of January in 2016. You can register here.

How much does it cost?

Acquiring a Client Gate in Hungary is free for everyone.

How much time does it take?

The usual time that the registration takes is around 15-20 minutes. If you do it in person you might have to wait, depending on where you are and when.


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FAQ for Client Gate Assistance in Hungary