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Liquidation Services in Hungary

Budapest Consulting is available for the liquidation service

The liquidation of the company can be done in a simplified way. Simplified winding-up may be used by non-audited firms that are able to complete the procedure within 150 days of the starting date of the process.

The taxpayer does not have to choose a liquidator when making a simplified liquidation. The tasks of the liquidator are performed by the managing director of the company. It follows that the powers of attorney granted by the Chief Executive Officer are also valid during the liquidation.

The commencement of the simplified liquidation does not have to be notified to the court of registration or published in the Company Gazette.

During the procedure, the taxpayer may decide to terminate the simplified liquidation and continue to operate the company.

The transition from simplified liquidation to general liquidation should be made:

  • in the event of a disputed creditor's claim or if a lawsuit is filed against the company as a result,
  • in the event of a liquidation objection, or
  • if the simplified winding-up has not been completed within 150 days. If the company nevertheless fails to switch to the general rules under the above conditions, a compulsory cancellation will be ordered.

Liquidation Fee: 1500 Euro


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