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NACE Code 58 - Publishing activity

Definition / Belongs to this divisionThis sector includes the publishing of books, brochures, prospectuses, dictionaries, lexicons and encyclopedias, atlases, maps and graphic works; publishing of newspapers, journals and periodicals, directories, mailing lists, and other publishing activities including software publishing.

Publishing involves the acquisition of copyrights related to the content (information product) and making such content available to the general public, while the publisher reproduces and distributes the content in various forms. This sector includes all possible forms of publication (in printed, electronic or audio form on the Internet or as other multimedia products, such as CD-ROM information publications), with the exception of the distribution of moving images.
It does not belong to this sectorThis sector excludes:
- publishing of motion pictures, video and motion pictures on DVD and similar media, see Division 59
- production of original (master) sound material for discs or other audio media, see Division 59
- printing, see 18.11, 18.12
- mass reproduction of recorded material, see 18.20

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