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NACE Code 3109 - Manufacture of other furniture

Definition / Belongs to this divisionThis division includes:
- manufacture of sofas, couches and sofa sets
- manufacture of garden chairs and sofas
- manufacture of bedroom, living room, garden, etc. furniture
- manufacture of television and sewing machine racks
also belongs to this sectorThis division also includes:
- finishing operations for the production of seats and seats, e.g. upholstery
- finishing operations of furniture production, spraying, painting, polishing and upholstery
It belongs to this branch - Hungarian supplementThis division includes - Hungarian supplement:
- manufacture of free-standing (non-fixed) partitions
It does not belong to this sectorThis division excludes:
- manufacture of pillows, poufs, duvets and eiderdowns, see 1392 - Manufacture of made-up textile articles (except apparel)
- manufacture of ceramic, concrete and stone furniture, see 2342 - Manufacture of ceramic sanitary fixtures, 2369 - Manufacture of other articles of concrete, plaster and cement, 2370 - Cutting, shaping and finishing of stone
- manufacture of lighting equipment and lamps, see 2740 - Manufacture of electric lighting equipment
- manufacture of car seats, see 2932 - Manufacture of parts and accessories of motor vehicles
- manufacture of railway car seats, see 3020 - Manufacture of railway locomotives and rolling stock
- manufacture of aircraft seats, see 3030 - Manufacture of aircraft and spacecraft
- renovation and upholstery of furniture, see 9524 - Repair of furniture and home furnishings

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