Accounting is the guarantee of complying with the effective reporting obligations towards the National Administration of Tax and Customs (NAV), and other government agencies.

Our partner has been a creative provider of a wide range of services: tax advising, bookkeeping, representation in case of tax supervision, and auditing, if required. The service also includes an optional cloud-based online invoicing website designed for our partner’s clients, which allows an even quicker and direct access for the issued invoices.

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Ready made shelf companies

Take the shares of an existing limited liability company with valid eu VAT number, existing bank account and registered address. By taking the shares you will have the power over the company immediately from the time of signing the documents, and you can enjoy the benefits of a company with many years past.

Our law firm's experts can give you high quality individual advice on all aspects of the incorporation process, and represent you or your company in the whole procedure. Our long standing expertise will guarantee fast, client centered approach and great value for money. 


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