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NACE Code 90 - Creative, arts and entertainment activities

Definition / Belongs to this divisionThis sector includes services to meet cultural and entertainment needs and the operation of such facilities. The sector includes the organization, promotion, presentation of and participation in live performances, events, exhibitions for the general public, as well as ancillary artistic, creative and professional activities that promote the arts and live performance.
It does not belong to this sectorThis sector excludes:
- protection of all museum, botanical and zoo activities, historical and nature conservation areas, see: sector 91
- gambling and betting, see sector 92
- sports, entertainment and leisure activities, see sector 93

Some services related to culture, entertainment and leisure belong to other sectors, such as
- film, video production and distribution, see 59.11, 59.12, 59.13
- motion picture projection, see 59.14
- radio and television broadcasting services, see 60.1, 60.2

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