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NACE Code 72 - Scientific research and development

Definition / Belongs to this divisionThere are three types of scientific research and development in this sector: 1) Basic research: experimental or theoretical research whose primary purpose is to acquire new knowledge of the underlying phenomena and observable reality, without any intention of use or application. 2) Applied research: original research work carried out in order to acquire new knowledge, which is primarily aimed at solving specific practical goals and problems. 3) Experimental development: a systematic activity based on existing knowledge gained from previous research and / or practical experience, aimed at producing new materials, products and tools, introducing new processes, methods and services, and substantially improving existing or introduced ones.

The research and development activity belonging to the sector can be divided into two categories: scientific and technical research and development; research and experimental development on social sciences and humanities.
It does not belong to this sectorThis sector excludes:
- market research, see 73.20

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