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NACE Code 7211 - Biotechnology research and development

Definition / Belongs to this divisionThis branch includes biotechnology research and development in the following areas:
- use of DNA / RNA gene pool (genomics), pharmaceutical genetics, genetic testing, gene manipulation, DNA / RNA digestion / synthesis / amplification, genetic engineering and transgenic technologies
- proteins and other molecules: decomposition, synthesis, manipulation of proteins and peptides (including high molecular weight hormones), development of targeting methods for large molecule drugs; (protein research), protein isolation and purification, identification and labeling of cellular receptors
- cell and tissue cultures and their manipulation (including tissue stocks and biomedical activity), cell fusion, vaccines / immune stimulants, embryo manipulation
- processes of the biotechnological process: fermentation, bioprocessing, bio-leaching, biopurification, biobleaching, decolourisation, bi-desulphurisation, biofiltration and phytoremediation (decontamination with plants) using bioreactors
- gene and RNA vectors: gene therapy, viral vectors
- bioinformatics: compilation of databases on gene and protein chains, modeling of complex processes, including systems biology
- nanobiotechnology: the use of nano / micro-manufacturing tools and processes to develop tools for biosystems analysis, drug delivery and diagnostic purposes, etc.

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