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NACE Code 47 - Retail trade (except of motor vehicles and motorcycles)

Definition / Belongs to this divisionThis sector includes the sale of new and second-hand goods without conversion to the general public, in particular to the population, for personal or household consumption or use, in shops, stores, market and street stalls, parcel services, door-to-door salesmen, and acrossconsumer cooperatives, etc..

Retail is further classified primarily by place of sale (in-store retail: 47.1-47.7; non-in-store retail: 47.8 and 47.9). Retail sale in stores also includes retail sale of second-hand goods (47.79). In store retailing, we distinguish between specialized (47.2-47.7) and non-specialized (47.1) retail sale of goods. These subsectors can be further subdivided according to the types of goods sold. Non-store retail trade is classified as market retail trade (47.8) or other non-store retail trade (47.9) according to the method of sale. This includes e.g. sales through a parcel post, doorstep retail, or vending machine.

The range of goods sold in this sector is, for understandable reasons, the so-called consumer goods. Therefore, this division excludes goods which are not put up for retail sale normally, such as e.g. various cereals, ores, industrial machinery and equipment, etc.
also belongs to this sectorThis sector also includes:
- commercial units which are sold to the general public, often after a sample, products such as typewriters, stationery, paint, wood not exclusively for personal or household purposes. The usual handling of goods e.g. sorting, disassembly and mixing are also included in the context of retail trade, provided that they do not change their nature.

This sector includes the retail sale of commissions and agents and the retail trade of auction houses.
It does not belong to this sectorThis sector excludes:
- producer sales of agricultural products, see sector 01
- production of products of the processing industry and sales of these products by producers, see sectors 10 to 32
- trade in motor vehicles, motorcycles and their parts, see division 45
- trade in cereals, ores, crude oil, industrial chemicals, iron and steel, industrial machinery and equipment, see sector 46
- sales of food and drink for on-site consumption and takeaway, see sector 56
- rental of household goods for personal use to the public, see 77.2

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