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NACE Code 43 - Specialized construction works

Definition / Belongs to this divisionThis sector includes specialized vocational training activities, e.g. construction of parts of buildings and other structures, and related preparatory work. These jobs usually require the same skills or equipment in different respects for different structures. Examples include pile driving, foundation, iron structure construction, concreting, masonry, stone laying, scaffolding, roofing, etc., but also the construction of non-self-manufactured steel structures. Specialized construction activities are usually carried out on a subcontracting basis, but in particular repairs are carried out directly for the owner of the structure.

This includes the installation of all building services structures that are necessary for the usability of the structure. These works are usually carried out on the construction site, but some of them can also be done in a workshop. This includes e.g. installation of piping, heating and air-conditioning system, installation of antenna, alarm system and other electrical work, sprinkler system, elevator and escalator, etc. This includes insulation work (water, heat, sound), metalwork on the building, construction of a commercial cooling system, installation of lighting and signaling systems of road, railway, airport, port, etc.,

The repair and maintenance of the former is also included.

This sector also includes finishing construction work.
Finishing works include activities that contribute to the completion of the structure, such as glazing, plastering, painting, flooring and wall covering with materials such as parquet, carpet, wallpaper, etc., floor sanding, finishing carpentry , acoustic works, building exterior cleaning. Repair work on the former is also included.

Renting a construction tool with staff is part of the construction activity with that tool.

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