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NACE Code 3811 - Collection of non-hazardous waste

Definition / Belongs to this divisionThis division includes:
- the collection of non-hazardous solid waste (eg household waste) within a municipality, such as. collection of mixed but non-hazardous solid waste generated by households and economic organizations, which may also contain recyclable materials, e.g. with bins, wheeled bins, containers, etc.
- collection of reusable materials
- collection of waste from refuse collection points set up in public places
also belongs to this sectorThis division also includes:
- collection of construction and demolition waste
- collection and removal of remnants and debris, parts of plants, hair, stone debris
- collection of textile processing waste
- operation of non-hazardous waste transfer stations
It does not belong to this sectorThis division excludes:
- collection of hazardous waste, see 3812 - Collection of hazardous waste
- operation of landfills for non-hazardous waste, see 3821 - Treatment and disposal of non-hazardous waste
- operation of equipment for sorting mixed but recyclable materials such as paper, plastic, etc. into different categories, see 3832 - Recycling of waste
It does not belong to this branch - Hungarian supplementThis division excludes - Hungarian supplement:
- manufacture of pellets and briquettes from plants, agricultural vegetable waste, processing waste for fuel, see 1629 - Manufacture of other products of wood, cork, plaiting materials
- manufacture of pellets and briquettes from metal or plastic, mixed industrial waste see 3832 - Recycling of waste

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