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NACE Code 31 - Manufacture of furniture

Definition / Belongs to this divisionThis sector includes the manufacture of furniture and similar products from any material except stone, concrete and ceramics. The furniture manufacturing process consists of the basic operations of machining the materials and assembling the components of the product, including cutting, shaping and laminating the materials to size. An important aspect of the production process is the design of the product according to both aesthetic and functional characteristics.

Some processes in furniture manufacturing are similar to those used in other areas of the manufacturing industry. Cutting and assembly operations of wooden furniture frames are included in sector 16 (Manufacture of wood and of products of wood). However, the production of wooden furniture is distinguished from the production of wooden products by its many processes. The manufacture of metal furniture is characterized by techniques similar to those used in the manufacture of cylindrical products in sector 25 (Manufacture of fabricated metal products), the manufacture of plastic furniture is similar to the molding of other plastic products, but the manufacture of plastic furniture is generally a specialized activity.

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