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NACE Code 2219 - Manufacture of other rubber products

Definition / Belongs to this divisionThis division includes:
- Manufacture of other unvulcanised, vulcanised or hard rubber products of natural or synthetic rubber:
- rubber plates, sheets, strip, rods and shaped rubber bodies
- rubber tube and hose
- conveyor and (transmission) rubber bands and belts
- sanitary rubber product: condoms, pacifiers, hot water bottles, etc.
- Rubber clothing, workwear (without seams, assembled only by wind gluing)
- rubber soles and other rubber parts of footwear
- rubberised fibers and fabrics
- rubber sealing of rubber rings, fittings and holes
- tire rubber coating
- inflatable rubber mattress
- inflatable balloon
- manufacture of rubber brushes
- manufacture of hard rubber pipe systems
- manufacture of hard rubber hairbrushes, hair clips, hair curlers and similar products of them
also belongs to this sectorThis division also includes:
- manufacture of rubber repair material
- rubber-impregnated, coated, laminated textile fabric, where rubber is the main component including the conveyor belt, the manufacture of rubber sheets associated with the textile in which the textile is for reinforcing purposes only
- manufacture of rubber mattresses for waterbeds
- manufacture of rubber bath caps and aprons
- manufacture of rubber swimwear and diving suits
- manufacture of sex goods from rubber
It does not belong to this sectorThis division excludes:
- manufacture of tire cord fabric, see 1396 - Manufacture of technical textiles
- manufacture of wearing apparel made of elastic material, see 1414 - Manufacture of underwear, 1419 - Manufacture of other wearing apparels and accessories
- manufacture of rubber footwear, see 1520 - Manufacture of footwear
- manufacture of rubber-based adhesives and glues, see 2052 - Manufacture of adhesives
- manufacture of treads for retreaded tires, see 2211 - Manufacture of tires and rubber hoses
- manufacture of inflatable rafts and boats, see 3012 - Manufacture of pleasure and sporting boats
- manufacture of mattresses made of foam rubber without cover material, see 3103 - Manufacture of mattresses
- manufacture of rubber sports equipment, see 3230 - Manufacture of sports goods
- manufacture of rubber toys (including children's pools, children's inflatable dinghies, inflatables, balls and similar products to them), see 3240 - Manufacture of games and toys
- recovery of used rubber from waste, see 3832 - Recycling of waste

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