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NACE Code 18 - Printing and other reproduction activities

Definition / Belongs to this divisionThis sector includes the printing of products such as daily newspapers, magazines, books, business forms, postcards and other products; and related ancillary activities such as bookbinding, printing, data imaging, etc. These ancillary activities are an integral part of the printing industry and also contribute to the production of printing products (printing plate, bound book, computer CD or file, etc.).

There are several printing methods for transferring images from a disk, screen, or data file to a print medium, be it paper, plastic, metal, textile, or wood. The most common method of transferring images to print media is to use a platen or screen. This can be done by flatbed, gravure, screen printing and flexographic printing. It is a common practice for a computer file to directly control the image-generating printer structure or the electrostatic or other equipment (this is digital or non-touch printing).

Although publishing and printing may be carried out by the same entity (eg for dailies), it is becoming less and less common for these separate activities to be carried out at the same site.
also belongs to this sectorThis sector also includes:
- duplication of recording media such as audio and video recordings, software discs, compact discs, tapes
It does not belong to this sectorThis sector excludes:
- publishing, see Section J

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