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NACE Code 9511 - Repair of computers and peripherals

Definition / Belongs to this divisionThis division includes the repair of computers and other computer equipment as well as peripherals.

This division includes the repair and maintenance of the following equipment:
- desktop computers
- laptops
- magnetic disk drives, flash drives and other storage devices
- optical disc drives (CD-RW, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, DVD-RW)
- printers
- the monitors
- the keyboards
- mice, joysticks, and other accessories
- internal and external computer modems
- separate / dedicated computer terminals
- computer servers
- scanners, barcode scanners
- programmable card readers (smart card)
- virtual reality helmets
- computer projectors
also belongs to this sectorThis division also includes:
- repair and maintenance of:
- automatic teller machines (ATMs); non-mechanically operated shop card reader (POS) terminals
- handheld computers (PDAs)
It does not belong to this sectorThis division excludes:
- repair and maintenance of telecommunication transmission modems, see 9512 - Repair of communication tools

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