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NACE Code 8610 - Inpatient care

Definition / Belongs to this divisionThis division includes:
- short- and long-term inpatient care, diagnostic and therapeutic activities of general hospitals (eg city and county hospitals, hospitals run by non-profit organizations, university clinics, military hospitals and prison hospitals) and specialist hospitals (eg hospitals specializing in the treatment of psychiatric patients and drug addicts, infectious hospitals, orphanages and medical sanatoriums)
- activities carried out under direct medical supervision, mainly for the care of inpatients, such as:
- medical, specialist and naturopathic care
- services of laboratories and technical installations, including radiological and anesthetic services
- emergency care
- ensuring the operation of operating rooms, pharmacies, catering and other hospital services
- services of family planning centers which, together with accommodation, provide treatments such as sterilization or abortion
It belongs to this branch - Hungarian supplementThis division includes - Hungarian supplement:
- inpatient care providing all health services, regardless of the form of their operation (state, church, foundation, private or business company)
- co-operative and personal co-operative activities in inpatient care provided within the framework of the economic organization
It does not belong to this sectorThis division excludes:
- laboratory testing and examination of all substances and products, except medical laboratories, see 7120 - Technical examination, analysis
- veterinary care, see 7500 - Veterinary activities
- battlefield health care for military personnel, see 8422 - Defence activities
- general and specialist dental care such as dental, endodontic and pediatric dentistry; oral pathology and orthodontics, see 8623 - Dental outpatient care
- private consultation services for inpatients, see 86.2
- medical laboratory testing, see 8690 - Other human health activities
- ambulance service, see 8690 - Other human health activities

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