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NACE Code 8532 - Technical and vocational secondary education

Definition / Belongs to this divisionPrograms in this division are characterized by subject specialization as well as the theoretical background and teaching of practical skills generally associated with current or future occupation. The purpose of the training can be e.g. providing the general knowledge necessary for employment, but also preparing for a specific occupation or profession. Training can take place in the classroom, on radio, television, via the Internet or in the form of distance learning.

This division includes:
- all vocational training under tertiary education (see 85.4) (in the current education system, preparatory training of vocational schools for basic and intermediate level occupations in the National Training Register is included, as well as preparatory training occupations in the National Training Register within the framework of adult education).
also belongs to this sectorThis division also includes:
- guide training
- training of chefs, catering and hotel staff
- schools for beauticians and hairdressers
- training of computer repairers
- training of professional drivers e.g. truck, bus and taxi drivers and pilots
It belongs to this branch - Hungarian supplementThis division includes - Hungarian supplement:
- special training for people with physical and mental disabilities at this level
It does not belong to this sectorThis division excludes:
- post-secondary vocational education, see 85.4
- performing arts training for leisure, hobby or self-realization, see 8552 - Cultural education
- training of non-professional drivers, see 8553 - Driver education
- traineeships for social workers, without accommodation, see 8810 - Social care activities without accommodation for the elderly and disabled, 8899 - Other social care activities without accommodation n.e.c.
It does not belong to this branch - Hungarian supplementThis division excludes - Hungarian supplement:
- adult education, as defined in subsector 85.5

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