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NACE Code 6419 - Other monetary intermediation

Definition / Belongs to this divisionThis division includes the collection of deposits and / or deposit-type funds, lending or other monetary intermediation. Lending can take many forms: loans, mortgages, credit cards, etc.

The above activities are usually performed by monetary institutions outside the central bank, such as:
- banks
- savings cooperatives
- credit unions
also belongs to this sectorThis division also includes:
- activities related to post-savings banks and money orders,
- housing savings funds, which specialize in providing home loans and also collect deposits
- the money order
It belongs to this branch - Hungarian supplementThis division includes - Hungarian supplement:
- specialized credit institutions
It does not belong to this sectorThis division excludes:
- non-deposit-taking institutions specializing in home loans, see 6492 - Other credit granting
- credit card transaction processing and settlement, see 6619 - Other activities auxiliary to financial services

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