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NACE Code 6190 - Other telecommunications

Definition / Belongs to this divisionThis division includes:
- provision of special telecommunications services such as satellite tracking, telecommunication distance measurement and operation of radar stations
- the provision of satellite terminals and associated equipment, which are operated in conjunction with one or more terrestrial communication systems and are capable of telecommunications (transmission and reception) with satellite systems
- the provision of Internet access via networks between a user (client) and an ISP, if the ISP is not owned or controlled by the ISP, such as dial-up / dial-up Internet access, etc.
- providing telephone and Internet access on devices that are freely accessible to users
- provision of telecommunications services over existing telecommunications connections:
- Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) voice transmission
- resale of the telecommunications service (for example: acquisition and resale of network capacity without the provision of ancillary services)
It does not belong to this sectorThis division excludes:
- Internet access provided by telecommunications infrastructure operators, see 6110 - Wired telecommunications, 6120 - Wireless telecommunications, 6130 - Satellite telecommunications

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