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NACE Code 2652 - Manufacture of watches and clocks

Definition / Belongs to this divisionThis division includes the manufacture of clocks, alarm clocks and timepieces and their components.

This division includes:
- the manufacture of all types of watches and clocks, including those built into the instrument panel
- manufacture of watches and clocks, including of precious metal
- manufacture of timing equipment, measuring, recording and other time-indicating devices with a clockwork or synchronous motor, such as:
- parking meter
- operating stamp, time recording clock
- time and date stamp structure
- process time control structure
- manufacture of timers and other release devices with clockwork or synchronous motor:
- time lock
- manufacture of watch and wall clock components:
- clockwork for all kinds of watches
- spring, stone, dial, pointer, base plate, bridge and other clock parts
- clocks and watches of all kinds of materials
It does not belong to this sectorThis division excludes:
- manufacture of non-metallic watch straps (textile, leather plastic), see 1512 - Manufacture of bags and saddlery
- manufacture of watch straps of precious metal, see 3212 - Manufacture of jewelery
- manufacture of watch straps of base metal, see 3213 - Manufacture of fashion jewelry

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