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NACE Code 2420 - Manufacture of steel tubes

Definition / Belongs to this divisionThis division includes:
- production of seamless tubes of circular and non-circular cross-section, hot-rolled processing of circular tubular ingots, hot extrusion of the intermediate product (hot-rolled bars, continuous casting ingots), other hot forming
- production of seamless precision and non-precision steel tubes, further processing of round steel tubes by cold drawing or cold rolling, the semi-finished product may be hot rolled or hot extruded cylinders, the product of the process being non-circular tubes and hollow sections
- Manufacture of welded steel tubes, of an external diameter of more than 406.4 mm (16 in), hot-rolled from a hot-rolled flat product, longitudinally or spirally welded
- Manufacture of welded tubes and pipes, of circular cross-section, of an external diameter not exceeding 406,4 mm (16 in), from hot or cold rolled flat products by continuous hot or cold forming, longitudinal or spiral welding, manufacture of non-circular welded steel tubes from hot or cold rolled strip by hot or cold shaped and longitudinally welded
- Manufacture of welded precision steel tubes, of an external diameter not exceeding 406.4 mm (16 in), for further processing, made of hot-rolled or cold-rolled strip, longitudinally welded, of which the finished product is produced by cold drawing, hot-rolled, cold-formed non-circular cross-section
- manufacture of steel tube or pipe flanges, including forging, further processing of hot-rolled flat products
- production of butt-welded pipe fittings e.g. elbow tube, tube transition, forging hot rolled seamless steel tube
- manufacture of threaded and other steel pipe fittings
It does not belong to this sectorThis division excludes:
- manufacture of seamless steel tubes by centrifugal casting, see 2452 - Steel casting

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