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NACE Code 0170 - Game farming, game management services

Definition / Belongs to this division This division includes:
- commercial game farming
- killing of wild animals, trapping wild game, their purpose is: to gain food, fur, skin; transfer of a wild animal for research purposes or transfer to a zoo or pet shops
- production of hides, fur, reptile or bird skins from hunting or game trapping
also belongs to this sectorThis division also includes:
- land capture of marine mammals (eg walruses, seals)
It does not belong to this sector This division excludes:
- production of hides and skins, reptile or bird skins of animal origin, see 0149 - Rearing of other animals
- game farming under operational conditions, see 01.4
- whaling, see 0311 - Sea fishing
- production of slaughterhouse animal products eg leather, see 1011 - Meat processing, preservation
- sport and leisure hunting and related services, see 9319 - Other sports activities
- services to promote hunting and trapping, see 9499 - Other community, social and personal service activities n.e.c

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