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NACE Code 17 - Manufacture of paper and paper products

Definition / Belongs to this divisionThis sector includes the production of paper pulp, paper and processed paper products. The manufacturing processes of these products form a vertically connected series and therefore belong to the same sector. A manufacturing unit usually performs more than one activity.

The three main activities of the sector can be distinguished. The production of pulp in the paper industry involves the separation of cellulosic fibers from other vegetable raw materials, or the dissolution of waste paper and the removal of dye, and the incorporation of small amounts of chemicals to strengthen the bonding of the fibers. In papermaking, the fibrous material is dissolved into a flexible interlocking structure to obtain a continuous sheet. Paper products are produced from paper and other materials by various operations and procedures.

Stationery can be printed (eg wallpaper, gift wrapping paper, etc.) or without printing, but this does not affect the original purpose of the product.

The manufacture of paper pulp, paper and paperboard for further industrial processing falls in subsector 17.1, the other divisions include the manufacture of further processed paper and paper products.

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