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Formation Essentials - Company Registration Q/A

Besides the basics, establishing a company in Hungary will require to take a few additional steps. These steps may contain a decision of your company namet, where your seat registry should be or even what your new company’s main activity is going to be. We have put together a questionnaire that covers most questions we would need to know. 


Managing Director name:

Executive Officers and members:

  • full name
  • place (city) of birth and date of birth
  • mother's full birth name
  • full address with postal code
  • tax ID number 
  • copy of a valid passport or another personal identification document 

Corporate details:

  • corporate name
  • company's registered office: - We offer virtual office service
  • corporate e-mail address
  • main activity chosen from our NACE list

If a foreign company is a member/executive officer in your Hungarian company, the following data are required:

  • corporate name
  • registered full office address with postal code
  • all data of representative (name, address with postal code, birth place and date, mother’ birth name, passport)


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