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Accounting, Booking and Invoicing

Budapest Consulting provides not only the usual accounting and booking services for your business but also NAV Representation, Controlling services, Invoicing, Tax advisory and Audit as well. We manage our accounting services beyond usual as we additionally provide innovative solutions in connection with accounting needs. 

Accounting Fee: 170 Euro/month

Professional and reliable accounting is the guarantee of complying with the reporting obligations towards the National Administration of Tax and Customs (NAV), and other government agencies.

Additionally, an optional cloud-based online invoicing website designed for our partner’s clients, that allows an even quicker and more direct access for the issued invoices are also available.

The specialists of our accounting office can accurately and precisely perform the accounting of small, medium and large companies; and with that, we make the lives of our clients easier every day. 

NAV Representation:

There is a time in the life of every business when NAV inspection comes from the authorities. These can be a simple legality check or VAT, but they can also be a comprehensive inspection covering several years. Simpler, „routine-like” examinations may be prepared by the accountant or accounting firm, but more complex examinations would require a professional with expertise in tax legislation and NAV procedures.


Comprehensive statements and illustrative diagrams help to consider the past, present and future financial situation and possibilities.

Whether it is analyzing facts or preparing investment opportunities, our clients can always turn to us with confidence.

The entire accounting of the company can be tracked through the controlling module, even the company's monthly sales, costs and profits can be seen on your smartphone. If you are wondering about what is posted within a particular cost group, you also have the option to drill down completely to the accounting item level and look at it, just as much as you can view your current home customer cash balances and supplier balances.


We have a self-developed invoicing program that is 100% compliant with the current legislation. It is customer friendly, therefore anyone can handle it quite easily. With the KARCMENTES Billing system, invoicing is clear and logical. Traceability is enhanced by the built-in receivables’ management module and the automatic payment request option.

Our KARCMENTES system is not dependent on a machine or a station, so all financial data is widely accessible. Our staff ensures 0-24h availability, and our servers, hardware solutions and backups ensure satisfactory to our customers. To make our system online, you can use it anywhere, anytime, be it a tablet, phone or computer. Invoices can be printed at any time, with even pausing the process for a period of time. We do not leave your half-done invoices on their own after they have been started.

You can set up payment requests, schedule them, set-up account expiration notifications, and automate all of these in our system. Accurate statement of the financial situation can be acquired, both incoming and amounts that are still outstanding can be seen. You can access all our services from one system, as we can provide different level of authorizations for the different users.

This is the place where the companies' accounts can be refilled electronically. It is then seen by the accountant immediately and the provided data can be tracked back as to who and what added to the system.


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