Lowest corporate tax in EU

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It's only 9% - Corporate tax in Hungary 

In Hungary a very favourable 9% corporate tax rate applies without threshold!

Fastest VAT validation in EU


Easy and guaranteed

Your hungarian and european VAT number will be valid and ready to use in 48 hours with no limitations.

You need it fast?


Incorporation in 1 day

The fully electronic procedure provides fast incorporation.

Do it remotely

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From your place...

The procedure can be done remotely by signing the documents in front of the consul or a notary public instead of traveling to Budapest.

How is a company incorporated in Hungary?


A company can be registered with one or more shareholders, and at least one natural person or legal entity as a manager. Hungarian companies are registered by the Court of Registration. The procedure can be done remotely by signing the documents in front of the consul or a notary, or personally in our office located in Budapest. If you visit to Hungary, the whole process can be done in one day, including the opening of the bank account.

Choose from the types of the available business forms

Rules of VISA and residence permit to Hungary

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Ready made shelf companies

Take the shares of an existing limited liability company with valid eu VAT number, existing bank account and registered address. By taking the shares you will have the power over the company immediately from the time of signing the documents, and you can enjoy the benefits of a company with many years past.

Our law firm's experts can give you high quality individual advice on all aspects of the incorporation process, and represent you or your company in the whole procedure. Our long standing expertise will guarantee fast, client centered approach and great value for money. 


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